Terms of Service


1. "BONITA ESCARLATA" is a website operated by Picardo Priscilla Ayaka (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").

2. The Company establishes the terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") of the service in " BONITA ESCARLATA " (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") as follows.

Chapter 1 General rules

Article 1 Scope and Modification of these Terms

  • 1. This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions regarding the use of services (hereinafter referred to as "this service") common to the website "BONITA ESCARLATA" operated by this business operator.
  • 2. These Terms shall apply to all Users (as defined in Chapter 2) regarding the use of the Service.
  • 3. Without obtaining the user's prior consent, the Company may, as appropriate, notify or notify the User in a manner deemed appropriate by the Company, such as posting on the website or by e-mail. We reserve the right to change all or part of the Terms.
  • 4. If all or part of this agreement is changed, the changed agreement shall apply to the use of this service, and the user shall comply only with the changed agreement.

Article 2 Use of this service

  • The user shall use this service in accordance with laws, regulations, notifications, this agreement, and the personal information protection policy, privacy policy, HELP, etc. separately established by this business operator.

Chapter 2 Users

Article 1 User

  • In this agreement, "user" refers to images, texts, designs, logos, videos, programs, ideas, information, etc. (hereinafter referred to as (collectively referred to as "Content") Collectively refers to those who search, view or use Content.

    Article 2 Use of Personal Information

    • Personal information of users obtained by the Company in connection with the use of this service shall be handled in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" separately established by the Company.

      Chapter 3 Purchasing Products

      Article 1 Purchase of goods

      • 1. Users may purchase products, etc. from the Company using the Service.
      • 2. If the User wishes to purchase a Product, etc., the User shall apply for the purchase or use of the Product, etc. in accordance with the method separately designated by the Company.
      • 3. In connection with the application in the preceding paragraph, after confirming the delivery address, order details, etc. entered and registered by the purchaser, clicking the button to place the order, after that, the business operator will send an e-mail to the effect that the order details have been confirmed. At the time of reaching the membership, a sales contract regarding the product etc. shall be concluded between the user and the business.
      • 4. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is any fraudulent or inappropriate act regarding the use of this service, the business operator shall be able to cancel or terminate the sales contract or take other appropriate measures.
      • 5. Delivery of products, etc. by this service is limited to within Japan.

        Article 2 Payment Method

        • 1. The payment amount for products, etc. will be the sum of the purchase price of products, etc., including consumption tax, and the related handling fees.
        • 2. Payment for products purchased through this service shall be limited to payment by credit card in the name of the user or payment methods separately approved by the company.
        • 3. When paying by credit card, the user shall comply with the terms of a separate contract with the credit card company. In addition, if any dispute arises between the user and the credit card company, etc. in connection with the use of the credit card, the user and the credit card company shall be responsible for resolving it.

        Article 3 Returns and exchanges of products, etc.

        • 1. Products may be returned or exchanged only in the event of damage during delivery, product defects, misdelivery, imitations, pirated editions, or other reasons attributable to the Company. In addition, even if you wish to exchange for a substitute product, it may not be possible to exchange it for reasons such as the product being out of stock. In such a case, the business operator shall refund the payment for the product, etc.
        • 2. The user shall apply for the return or exchange specified in the preceding paragraph in accordance with the procedures separately determined by the business, and the business shall bear all shipping charges for the products, etc. related to the return or exchange. .

          Article 4 Disclaimer for Products, Etc.

          • 1. The Company shall not be responsible for the quality, material, function, performance, compatibility with other products, other defects, and damages and losses caused by these, with respect to the Service and products sold through the Service. , Disadvantages, etc., except for the cases stipulated in the preceding article, shall not bear any guarantee or burden.
          • 2. Regarding troubles due to unknown delivery address, etc., the Company will contact the contact information registered by the user and deliver the product etc. to the delivery address specified at the time of product purchase. We will fulfill the delivery obligation of the product, etc., and shall be exempted from the obligation.

          Chapter 4 Use of Services

          Article 1 Service provided

          • The Company provides the following services as part of the Service.
            ・Browsing links from this service

              Article 2 Disclaimer

              • 1. If the Service provides links to other websites or resources, or links to the Service from third party websites or resources, the Company shall not be liable for the content, use and We are not responsible for the results (including but not limited to legality, validity, accuracy, certainty, safety, currentness and completeness). In addition, if the Company reasonably determines that the content of the linked website or resource is illegal or inappropriate for the management and operation of this service, it will be required to notify the user. We shall be able to delete the link destination.
              • 2. Advertisements (including, but not limited to, sweepstakes advertisements) or transactions with advertisers who advertise on the Service (including, but not limited to, participation in sweepstakes and other promotions) ), the user shall conduct transactions with the advertiser at his/her own discretion and responsibility, and the Company shall not be held responsible for this. The contents and conditions of transactions such as payment for products, etc., determination of contract conditions, guarantees, guarantees, licenses, etc. are not guaranteed by the business. We shall not be held responsible for any damages caused to members as a result of transactions conducted via posted advertisements or publicity.
              • 3. In the following cases, even if this service is temporarily suspended, canceled or changed, the business will not be liable for any damage, loss, disadvantage, etc. directly or indirectly suffered by the member. We will not be held responsible.
                (1) In the event of a natural disaster such as fire, earthquake, flood, lightning strike, heavy snow, etc. (2) In the event of social unrest such as war, civil strife, terrorism, riot, riot, etc. (4) If there is a technical reason that makes it impossible for the Company to respond to the request.

              • 4. The business operator shall fulfill its obligations and be exempted from liability by processing the affairs according to the purchaser's registration details.

              • 5. In the event that the purchaser causes any damage to another user or a third party through the use of this service, the user shall resolve this at its own responsibility and expense, We shall not give any damage, loss, disadvantage, etc. to the business operator.

                Article 3 Prohibitions

                Users shall not engage in any of the following acts. In the unlikely event that damage is caused to the business operator or a third party by violating this, the user will be responsible for compensating for all the damage.

                • 1. Acts that cause inconvenience, disadvantage or damage to other users, third parties other than other users, or the Company, or acts that may cause them
                • 2. Acts that infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights, portrait rights, moral rights, privacy rights, publicity rights and other rights of other users, third parties other than other users, or the Company or acts that may
                • 3. Acts of using this service for commercial purposes (excluding those approved in advance by the business operator)
                • 4. Acts contrary to public order and morals and other acts that violate laws and regulations, or acts that are likely to do so
                • 5. Acts of registering information containing false or misleading content;
                • 6. Acts of using content obtained through this service outside the scope of personal use by the user
                • 7. Copying, selling, publishing, distributing, disclosing, or performing similar acts of content obtained through the Service through other users or third parties other than other users.
                • 8. Acts of collecting, accumulating or storing personal information of other users
                • 9. Uploading to the Service, or by e-mail, etc., any content such as computer viruses, computer code, files, or programs designed to interfere with, destroy, or limit the functions of computer software, hardware, or communication equipment; act of sending
                • 10. Other acts that the Company reasonably determines to be inappropriate, such as damaging or destroying the credibility of the Company.

                  Article 4 Intellectual Property Rights

                  1. All intellectual property rights of content provided through this service shall belong exclusively to this business operator.

                  2. Any act prohibited by domestic or foreign copyright laws and other laws and regulations, such as unauthorized duplication, unauthorized reprinting, or other unauthorized secondary use of the contents of the Company, regardless of the purpose, is discovered. In this case, the business operator shall immediately take legal action.

                  3. If any dispute arises with a third party in violation of the provisions of this article, the member shall settle such dispute at its own responsibility and expense, and shall not cause any damage, loss or disadvantage to the business operator. etc. shall not be given.

                  Chapter 5 Service Operation

                  Article 1 Information Management

                  • 1. The Company collects the following information regarding the user's access history in order to investigate the user's access history and usage status, or to improve the service to the user.

                  (1) Information on the IP address or device identification number of the mobile terminal when the user accesses the server of this service
                  (2) The Company uses cookie technology (a technology that temporarily writes data to the user's computer through a web browser and records and saves the date and time the user last visited the site, the number of visits to the site, etc.) User access information acquired through

                  • 2. The user acknowledges in advance that the use of this service may be restricted if the user sets the web browser to reject cookies.

                  Article 2 Maintenance of the Service

                  In order to maintain good operating conditions of the Service, the Company may temporarily provide all or part of the Service without prior notice to the User in any of the following cases: may be suspended or canceled.

                  • 1. In the case of regular maintenance and emergency maintenance of the computer system (hereinafter referred to as "system") for providing this service
                  • 2. When the operation of the system becomes difficult due to natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, lightning strike, heavy snow, etc.
                  • 3. When the operation of the system becomes difficult due to social unrest such as war, civil war, terrorism, riots, disturbances, etc.
                  • 4. When the operation of the system becomes difficult due to system failure, unauthorized access from a third party, computer virus infection, etc.
                  • 5. When requested by an administrative agency or judicial agency based on reasonable grounds
                  • 6. In the event that the Company deems it unavoidable to suspend or terminate the system.

                  Article 3 Others

                  • 1. If there is a problem that cannot be solved by this agreement or the guidance and response of the company regarding the use of this service, the company and the user shall discuss in good faith and resolve it. increase.
                  • 2. In the event that a lawsuit arises regarding the use of this service, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of first instance.
                  Supplementary provision: This agreement shall apply to all users from March 1, 2021.
                  All inquiries regarding this Agreement and the Service are addressed below.